Lea's Reason

Hey Readers! We've been busy gearing up for the Nevada Legislature, which starts today. In honor of the kickoff, Spring Semester Legislative Policy Intern Lea Moser gives us her reason for supporting (and working with) the ACLU:

There is a saying that we were all told growing up, one that seems like such a simple concept but hard to actually follow through with. The saying was coined by Albert Einstein, possibly the most well known physicist of the 20th century, he said, "What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right." The ACLU exemplifies this saying, standing up for liberty and protecting the Bill of Rights even when it is not the popular thing to do.

My first encounter with anything ACLU was in high school when I learned that the organization had spent time fighting for the rights of Nazis to publicly march through a heavily Jewish area in Skokie, Ill. As a teenager I was horrified, creating in my mind the idea that the ACLU was a horrible organization that advocated for murderers and racists. Severely confused, I spent much time trying to figure out how such a group could morally support something that caused many people emotional pain.

By the end of high school I became more aware and convinced that unless the rights of all are protected and fought for, then the rights of all Americans would be meaningless, left to the whim of popular sentiments and not to the protection and application of the laws that are meant to be used by each unique individual of this country.

Whether or not an issue the ACLU is defending or supporting is considered moral by all segments of society, the ACLU stands by its belief in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in protecting freedom, liberty and privacy. As we enter into a new decade, continually adjusting with the rise and use of technology, it becomes more apparent that free speech and other protections are becoming more easily able to infringe upon than they once were. I feel proud to be able to spend an entire semester with the ACLU and can feel satisfied in helping the organization preserve the protective rights our country was founded upon.