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Interaction Form: Law Enforcement at Burning Man

The ACLU of Nevada collects details about interactions with law enforcement at Burning Man to identify potential problems and establish possible patterns of behavior.

By filing a complaint, the ACLU of Nevada is not agreeing to take your case or provide other types of assistance. Unless and until the ACLU agrees to take your case, you are solely responsible for any and all statute of limitations or other deadlines that might apply to your specific situation.

If you received a ticket or citation and need legal assistance, please contact a private attorney or Lawyers for Burners, a volunteer organization that helps participants find lawyers after they have been cited or arrested at the event or otherwise have issues with treatment by law enforcement personnel.

Tell the ACLU of Nevada about an interaction you had with law enforcement at Burning Man.

Police are at Burning Man - so is the U.S. Constitution--2012

If you are going to Burning Man, knowing your rights is the best way to prevent an interaction with law enforcement - and to protect yourself and your camp if you are stopped, questioned, or searched by the police. Be prepared, and please share and re-gift this information.

The ACLU of Nevada also will be at Burning Man to act as legal observers and to protect the rights of all Black Rock City citizens. Our camp is at False Idol and 5:20, with office hours from 2 - 6 pm daily.

Know Your Rights at Burning Man--2013

Going to Burning Man? Be sure to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! Join us for a free session to learn about your rights and responsibilities on the Playa when it comes to free expression, personal liberty, and law enforcement.

Liberty & Libations: The ACLU at Burning Man--2012

Meet us after work on Wednesday, August 22 at the Artifice Bar in downtown Vegas for light refreshments and a cash bar with happy hour specials.

There will be a free-ranging salon discussion with the ACLU of Nevada staff and all who are interested at 6:30 about Free Expression, Individual Liberty, and Law Enforcement: The ACLU at Burning Man.

It's cocktail hour ACLU-style - with a dash of liberty!

Your Rights at Burning Man--2010

Heading to Burning Man this year?  Check out this piece about your rights in Black Rock City. And, if you're in Reno, go here to get info about our Burning Man-themed party on August 25th!

Know Your Rights at Burning Man--2010


Going to the Playa? Did you know that there are multiple outside law enforcement agencies on patrol there? Did you know that you still have constitutional rights in an experimental city? 

Join attorneys from the ACLU of Nevada and Lawyers for Burners at Amendment 21 for an interactive Question & Answer session about your rights in Black Rock City including:

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