It's Been Established

The issue of school-sponsored prayers in public schools, one of the most debated and publically misunderstood issues we work on here at the ACLU, never came up during my primary and secondary education. The landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision Engel v. Vitale (1962), decided 50 years ago this week, held that an official school-sponsored prayer in public schools stood in violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

Title IX: Ending Sex-Based Discrimination in Education

I never stepped near a sport in high school or college, so I didn’t think that Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 had any noticeable impact on my education.

Search and Seizure of Student's Medicine Bag

A student doesn’t lose the right to freedom of belief when he or she steps in school. Personal religious expression is protected from government interference through the Free Exercise Clause. Schools, as formative institutions, possess an affirmative obligation to not only adhere to these constitutional principles but also to cultivate respect for their practice.

Minority Students in Nevada Public Schools Overrepresented in Discipline, Underrepresented in Advanced Math and Science Courses

LAS VEGAS, NV – Statistics released on March 6, 2012, by the U.S. Department of Education, reveal that minority students in Nevada receive disproportionate disciplinary sanctions and are underrepresented in advanced math and science classes.

Stand Up and Salute the T-Shirt

Last week, a vice principal at a California high school disciplined several students for wearing American flag t-shirts to school. Yes, you read that right. The reason that this symbol of our great nation was transformed into a reason for detention? The students wearing them intended the flags to express a point of view – they wore them on the day of the school’s celebration of Cinco de Mayo, honoring many students’ Mexican heritage.

Churchill High School Stands Up for Student Speech

On February 9, 2010 the ACLU of Nevada sent a letter applauding Churchill County High School for publishing a student article about a teacher in the school’s newspaper, despite attempts to block the article by the county’s Education Association.

Access to Athletics: ACLU Calls on CCSD to Reconsider Policy

In a letter addressed to representatives of the Clark County School District, the ACLU of Nevada's Maggie McLetchie requested that Clark County School District reconsider its policy preventing students in the Academy for Individualized Study (AIS) to take part in student athletic programs.

Court Blocks Attempt to Censor Plays: ACLU Applauds Victory for Free Speech

Nevada District Court Judge David Wall denied today a request filed by a group of local parents that sought to stop productions of The Laramie Project and Rent: School Edition at Green Valley High School in Henderson, Nevada. ACLU of Nevada attorneys, who argued that the parents should not be allowed to stop the plays, applauded the decision as a victory for free speech.

GVHS Theater: ACLU Says "The Show Must Go On"

The ACLU of Nevada expresses its strong opposition to recent legal action that seeks to prohibit performances of Rent: School Edition and The Laramie Project at Green Valley High School in Henderson. 

ACLU of Nevada challenges UNLV “Hate Speech” Policy

The proposed “Policy on Bias Incidents/Hate Crimes” put forward by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas would limit severely restrict free speech and academic freedom on campus.


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