ACLU Settles Federal Discrimination Lawsuits with Washoe County School District

The ACLU of Nevada together with O’Melveny & Myers LLP are pleased to announce on behalf of its clients Jana Elhifny and Stephanie Hart that we have settled two related long-running federal civil rights lawsuits against the Washoe County School District filed in Reno's Federal District Court in 2004.

ACLU opposes Churchill County's proposal to allow drug dogs to sniff high school students’ belongings

Members of the Churchill County community concerned the ACLU of Nevada with an administrative regulation which would allow drug dogs to sniff the belongings of high school students. These searches would be totally suspicionless and random in a school district that purports to have no serious drug problem.

Esmeralda County School District Agrees To Allow Students To Speak Spanish On Bus After ACLU Sends Letter

In October 2007, the Esmeralda County School Board approved a policy that prohibits speaking Spanish while riding the school bus. The ACLU received complaints from parents whose children were affected by this policy, and sent a letter to the School District Superintendent Robert Aumaugher asking him to immediately rescind the policy. Mr. Aumaugher agreed to make it clear that students are allowed to speak Spanish while they ride the school bus and sent a letter to parents - in both Spanish and English - explaining the district’s language policy.


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